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Giving up something for Lent – traditional or not traditional Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 March 2017 12:18

Almost 30 years back, I struck up a friendship with a colleague from the Jewish press who wanted to reprint something that I had written about the controversy over Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust. We have since corresponded and chatted on the phone and talked about many different topics.

Considering fake news and ‘the crisis of truth’ during Catholic Press Month Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 February 2017 11:24

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about “fake news,” the proliferation of exaggerated, misconstrued and sometimes completely false news stories often spreading like viruses through social media or other Internet venues.

Humanity searches for life on other worlds and beyond Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 February 2017 14:30

Recently I read of the latest effort to attempt contact with extraterrestrial life – life on other planets. A considerable amount of money and effort has been spent on detecting electronic and other signals that might be coming from intelligent beings on other worlds. So far, nothing definite has been heard.

Deaths of two different men stand as testament to peace and life Print E-mail
Written by Netta   
Wednesday, 25 January 2017 11:21

Earlier this month, I was saddened by the death of two individuals within days of each other – one a devout Catholic and one an atheist whom I got to know during my years working on Long Island. Yet each in his own way, I believe, furthered the Kingdom of God.


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