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St. Christine School expected to open after leaky roof Print E-mail
Written by Pete Sheehan   
Friday, 26 January 2018 12:00

Classes were expected to resume at Youngstown St. Christine School Jan. 25 following a period of closure because of leaks in the school’s roof and resulting water damage.

“The school has been closed since Jan. 11,” said Father Keehner, pastor of St. Christine Parish. The leaks were discovered in four classrooms and a hallway at the end of the school day Jan. 10, resulting in the closing of four classrooms.

The combination of  heavy snow and the quick freeze and thaw caused the membrane inside the roof to crack. When the snow melted, the water then made its way into the school.

“We called a company that specialized in asbestos abatement,” Father Keehner explained, and the company set about detecting and removing any traces of asbestos that might have been released when the roof damage occurred.

The air quality was tested Jan. 22 and deemed safe on Jan. 23. After cleaning on Jan. 24,  the school was expected to reopen Jan. 25.

Although the four classrooms cannot yet be used, Father Keehner said, “we have enough room in the school that we are able to accommodate the classes affected.

“One class will go to the library, one will use the science lab, one will use a meeting room, and one will use the room that serves the after-school program,” Father Keehner said.

As a result of the roof damage, eight days of school were lost, Father Keehner noted. The loss would have been greater but during that period there was one snow day when classes were cancelled anyway and there was no school on Martin Luther King Day, Jan. 15.

The school will have to wait to hear from the State of Ohio as to how many days they will have to make up, Father Keehner explained, barring any additional school cancellation. “We’ll make them up by extending the school year at the end.”

The hope is that the four classrooms affected can be reopened eventually once the roof is repaired, Father Keehner said. Insurance will pay for the damage to the classrooms.

As for reaction from the students, “some are happy and having a good time with their friends. Others are bored,” Father Keehner said. “Many parents are working with their kids on reading to maintain their skills. Some parents are getting books from the library.”


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